Apr 6, 2015

Aleppo battle Stalingrad why Obama's arrest postponed [and Turkey coup preponed]::VIDEOS

Battle of Aleppo, Stalingrad of World War III: VIDEOS: why Obama not yet arrested {Jul 2016: and fake Turkey coup already staged]
Last Prophet's words from Easter Monday 2015, April 6 [fake Turkey coup section added Jul 2016].
The battle for Aleppo: Stalingrad again, not only in the setting.
Also because it's the decisive battle: the BIG BANG starts as soon as the rebels are crushed.
It was paradoxically the last front to be opened in the Syria war,  19 July 2012 or more than a year after illumianti ordered Assad to start shooting protesters in Hama, Homs, Damascus and Daraa.
One of the differences to 1942/43 is yet another end times paradox: the role of Russia.
Aleppo becomes the Stalingrad of the battle of Armageddon.
Aleppo was in 2011 Syria's largest city and its commercial hub.
Battle of Aleppo in 2016 becomes more than ever before the Stalingrad of World War III. Why?
1. The setting: Snipers using the ruins of their homes to ambush the nazi invaders. 
2. The fact that it still goes on since the Feb 2o15 "truce" in Novorussia (alias east Ukraine) is he immediate reason why  "Obama's arrest on live TV" was not YET staged.
In other words: why illuminati postponed for the 4th consecutive Easter Sunday "Osama's resurrection in Jerusalem, crucified to the missing Boeing 777".
Differences to 1942/43 - In the battle for Aleppo:
- those fighting the nazis have no airforce, only weapons either captured or self made in underground workshops.
- Moscow government is with the nazi Reich, now led by Alexander Adolf Hiter, the great nephew of the nazi leader at that time.
- the IV Reich is dressed as "international community" / UN.
- the invaders are at this point mostly iranians, lebanese and "palestinians".
Added Jul 22, 2016, with liberated Aleppo under siege for two weeks.
Battle of Aleppo is the main reason why the illuminati ALREADY staged the fake Turkey coup: 
Ten months of russian bombings around the clock, together for the first time ever with a "US led coalition", were not enough to crush the rebels, starting with the battle for Aleppo.
So illuminati must now have agent Erdogan, playing president of (90% sunni) Turkey, join boots on the ground with the IV Reich sh'ia shock troops (Iran, Lebanese Hezbollah, Afghanistn Hazaras).
That's the last resort to crush the (90% sunni)) syrian rebels other than sending NATO, russian and chinese mercenaries.
That0s why the manhunt for ANY type of dissidents has to start earlier in Turkey.
Reminder: it will start immediately after the BIG BANG, together with the manhunt for non-whtes, in the USA, EU, Canada, Australia, etc,  
Battle of Aleppo, IV Reich ground forces suffering heavy losses
This despite non-stop support of the same russian and US jets that previously reduced Aleppo to the same setting as Stalingrad.
Reason: nazi ground troops ordered first to complete and now to enforce the siege, whatever ihet costs.
This is the main reason why the fake Turkey coup was already staged, Jul 15: to pre-emptively suppress the sunni protest as Erdogan will now join Russia's "Putin" in the air and Iran on the ground.
VIdEOS from Jul 22
Rebels destroyed military helicopter inside Nayrab airport v/ Kornet ATGM
Faylaq Al-Sham hit with Kornet on russian soldiers setting up a jamming system in Aleppo
Snipers using the ruins of their homes to hit the nazi invaders
Rebel SPG-9 strikes against pro-Assad forces in Khalidiyah District

Syria: reality denial: limits to deny genocide psy-ops: White Helmets and Aleppo street view


Aleppo: Armageddon's battle of Stalingrad: why Obama's staged arrest postponed [and fake coup in Turkey preponed]: VIDEOS
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Explanation reads like a chronicle of how illuminati overtime was extended after the original end date, Easter Sunday 2012.
Published days after Easter Sunday 2015
After 1,000 articles in 100 blogs, this was the first and so far only one to include an exclamation mark.
Explanation for Easter Sunday 2016 added together with the second one.
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