Apr 4, 2007

Battle of the Ukraine - proof Vladimir Putin is sent by God

In the Third World War, the Battle of the Ukraine has been one of the KEY battles.
In Christmas 2004 it seemed that for the illuminati to win the battle it was only a formal question. (1)
That's why the strategic bombers were sent to Diego Garcia, waiting for the last formality, the decision of Ukraine Supreme Court, where the illuminati controlled the majority.

Almost two and half years later, the illuminati lost. The fact that the president is still an illuminati agent is now a totally worthless formality. (2,4)
It was not the miracle about Good defeating Evil that alone is enough to prove that Vladimir Putin is sent by God.
It is HOW Good defeated Evil in the battle of the Ukraine that alone proves it.
And the Indian Ocean tsunami was just one part of it. (3)

(1) Kiev, where the government resides, is in the Western Ukraine. In Christmas 2004 there were up to 300,000 people in the streets supporting the "orange revolution", i.e. the illuminati agents.
These war by far the the largest mass demonstrations in support of illuminati agents playng democrats in the last decades. They were possible due to the usage of deception techniques that would not be feasible in the West: for instance the illuminati agents were holding Bibles in the hands and putting priests on stage, during their speeches.

In the elections of December 2004, the illuminati agents got 85 pct of the votes in Kiev. Now they have 10 pct.
This time, the unbelievable change was due to truth,  not to deception. Exactly what happened before in Russia, after Vladimir Putin miraculously came to power in 1999. In particular after he became President, hours before the showdown the illuminati planned using the Y2K cover-up.
(2) World War III - the key event of last year - illuminati in total disarray in the Ukraine
April 4, 2007: nobody left to support the illuminati agents. As reported by Illuminati media
KIEV, Ukraine — Thousands of supporters of Ukraine's Russian-leaning prime minister marched to the gates of the pro-Western president's office on Wednesday, vowing not to back down in a standoff between the two leaders.
Dozens of supporters of President Viktor Yushchenko tried to stop more than 7,000 supporters of Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych from coming closer to the presidential office. Police in riot gear separated the sides.


(3) See "Crimean people defeat NATO", June 12, 2006, a milestone in World War III, posted to this article "... Sevastopol, Ukraine: end game..."  from January 28, 2005
(4) Short after this line was published -  May 27, 2007: Ukraine - NATO desperados - Yushchenko grotesque move for May 2007

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