Jan 30, 2015

Ukraine vs Novorussia FULL STORY ONLY here

Ukraine vs Novorussia: what's * REALLY * going on - FULL STORY is worldwide ONLY here
Jan 29, 2015 - 8,500 ukrainian military at the Debaltseve cauldron, encircled by NAF, the Novorussia militas.
Epic: Militias armed only with captured weapons defeat military financed 
- directly: officially by the USA, EU; unofficially by Russia, offering free gas to Kiev.
- indirectly by all illuminazi puppet govs around the world transferring national assets to illuminati safes, starting with "Putin", "selling" oil well below production costs.

Treasonous rebel leaders, agents Zaharchenko, Plonitsky and the rest of the Donetsk and Lugansk leadership once again in their mission to save the nazis from defeat by signing a "cease-fire".
Theater introduced by a "dispute", as usual: "Ukraine rebels vow to push offensive if talks fail".

All explained in advance by Last Prophet, who long ago and worldwide first exposed what's really going on, the SUPPRESSED TRUTH in any site run by illuminati, from all mass media to disinfo staged as "alternatve news":

STOP reading the "news" served by illuminati media selling the theater "Putin resisting NATO" and by psy-ops selling "brave rebel leader Zaharchenko"!
Zaharchenko, Plonitsky and the rest of the Donetsk and Lugansk leadership: ALL fake freedom fighters. In other words: ALL traitors sent by nazi agent "Putin".
29 Jan: As Zaharchenko plays brave leader at Uglegorsk, near Debaltsevo, other members of his treasonous leadership are headed to Minsk to sign yet another "truce".
A remake of Sept 2014, to again prevent the defeat of the nazis, starting with 8,000 ukrainian military surrounded at Debaltsevo.

Now you hopefully got the last sentence in a video by traitor Zaharchenko playing again "brave rebel" for the camera.
I promise that everyone will be able to go home. In other words, he promises a free pass 
- not only to the conscripts who legally first faced immediate arrest and 5 years in jail and once in uniform, face execution on the spot for refusing to obey orders,
- but also to ALL nazis shelling women, children and elderly for now 9 months.

Maps to keep up to date with the militay situation:

30 Jan - Introductory theater: Ukraine rebels vow to push offensive if talks fail:

28 Jan: Ozeryanovka liberated.
Milias capture: Rapier guns and tanks; maps proving that civilians were not only randomly but also precisely targeted (3:30).
Coward nazis are only good at shelling civilians of Gorlivka (1:50). Nazis flee (1:30) as soon as they get a full hit (2:20).
Source: video "The Militia captured secret documents from UAF [ENG SUBS]":

29 Jan: Epic: Freedom fighters liberate Uglogorksk;
At 2:00 a captured tank is already shelling the previous owners:
[eng subs] Fights at the Uglergorsk outskirts as the NAF are locking the encirclement of Debaltsevo - Lifenews

For the nth time Zaharchenko plays "brave rebel" for the camera: 
[eng subs] Alexandr Zakharchenko gives interview under sniper fire in Uglegorsk
Last sentence: I promise that everyone will be able to go home.

29 Jan: GRAPHIC 18+ 5 dead & many sent to hospital Ukraine artillery hits a humanitarian aid center Donetsk: shows bodies torn apart.
Contrast how nazi outlet RT shows it, hiding civilians and selling the nazi org OSCE:
At least 12 killed as shell hits Donetsk humanitarian aid distribution center

31 Jan: Alexey Smirnov, Russian Filmmaker, denounces the about to be signed "truce", calls for help for the children of Donbass (English Subtitles).
Yet he includes NATO in his appeal to the "civilized world", failing to admit that EU, US and NATO are nothing but a bunch of nazis. 

Jan 25, 2015: How nazis used Zaharchenko to within hours advance these two agendas:
- suggest that Novorussia armed forces (NAF) did the massacre of Mariupol;
- stop the liberation of Mariopol, repeating what happened Sept 5, 2014.
Reminder: with Mariupol surroundered and nazis in disarray, traitor Zaharchenko goes to Minsk to sign a "ceaesefire", or in other words to save the nazis.
Even worse: to let the nazis quietly arrest and exterminate disarmed civilians, from Mariupol to Slavyansk.
All this exposed in 5 seconds by Zaharchenko himself - see video at:

Whoever fails to recognize treason has failed, no matter how much of the rest he did get.
Forget about what "Putin" says and look at what the impostor impersonating murdered Putin DOES:

Added Feb 21, 2015
Debaltseve debacle: Article by counterpunch, a member of illuminati's web of disinfo: Agenda exposed

Syria war: why were the illuminati NOT able to  stage "peace negotiations"  with leaders of the freedom fighters, unlike the Minsk agreements in the war "nazi Ukraine vs Novorussia", where they went as far as to implement a "ceasefire"?
For the same reason that it was possible for the illuminati to take control of the rebels leadership in Ukraine but not in Syria.

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