Feb 17, 2008

Kosovo "independence" by the illuminati, 9 years after battle of Armageddon begun

In 1999 the illuminati used the last barrels of "free" oil to bomb Serbia non-stop for 78 days.
As usually, an ethnic minority and the BIG LIE technique (manufacturing the "Albanians are victims of genocide" story) were the combination for what was officially labeled by the last antichrist as the first "humanitarian war".

Now, while the "Collapse of Major Banks" script enters the final stage (2), the illuminati use the last "free" paper money (aka fiat money) to send a few thousand (officially 2000) "administration" personnel to join the more than 150,000 NATO mercenaries so far (now officially 17,000), who during their training at the academy of the antichrist, after the first years of occupation had already murdered or expelled all Serbs from almost all of Kosovo and destroyed all the traces of christian Kosovo (3).


(1) - Illuminati, Kosovo und Armageddon - don't blame Google. Results as of today:
- Results #1, #3 und #7 : The Horrible yet Simple Truth.

- Result #2 : references die Truth.


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(3) - "The European Union approved the launch of a 2,000-strong police and justice mission for Kosovo on Saturday on the eve of the breakaway province's expected declaration of independence from Serbia." Source: illuminati mass media.

(4) Google, Armageddon and the last antichrist

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