Dec 18, 2008

Financial Armageddon: LARGEST ECONOMIC ATTACK in History UNDERWAY, with oil prices below $40

What, Who

The largest economic attack ever  (measured in both costs per day and in total costs so far) is underway. In  fact this attack is nothing but Financial Armageddon.
The attackers: illuminati.
The attacked: Russia.

What made the attack possible

Systemic collapse causes an abrupt and drastic drop of demand.
The result is that maximum possible output of most non-renewable resources,  in particular oil, is again higher  than demand.
The difference to  the "good old days", before the explosion of the exponential curve, is the reason WHY the shelves are packed. (1)

How is the attack executed and what is the cover-up used

To launch Financial Armageddon, the arab agents are used to ensure MAXIMAL output, selling oil way below production costs. (2)
The "OPEC will reduce output" and "BIG OIL Record Profits" announcements are used to cover-up the attack. (3)

(1)  PACKED shelves, $50 oil shortly before the END - HORRIBLE TRUTH, revealed worldwide first
(2) Today, with oil falling below $40, the Illuminati are losing almost a BILLION dollars a day.
Example: a barrel of North Sea oil has average production costs of $135!
This is pushing to the UTTER LIMITS a tactic that was explained long ago first and so far ONLY by ET Prophet. Reminder:
Since the bigger the lie the more people will believe it, these kind of hoaxes are created to cover-up the fact that oil is sold below production costs:
EXXON HOAX: "EARNS MOST PROFIT IN USA HISTORY, $39,500,000,000" to cover-up declining global oil output profits-broken-record-exposed-long-ago/

(3) Financial Armageddon, the economic version of the illuminati military strategy, the full scale nuclear attack against Russia, where the cover-up, the ABM Hoax, is as grotesque.

January 20, 2009: The ONE basic reason why the "Last US President" script was modified so that suicide Obomber did not detonate the bomb (1):
1. Systemic collapse arrived weeks earlier (2) than expected in script. Selling president Hillary Clinton while being able to control the riots became an impossible task.
Notes for this footnote
(1) The script as planned:
(2) End Times Christmas, from first to last:
1914 trenches to Detroit 2008: the lights went out to be never ...

20 May, 2009: Retreat of attackers quickly getting closer to TOTAL DISARRAY: entrenched in the $50 a barrel for two months, but they were able to defend the $60 a barrel frontline for only two weeks.
The same with the rouble to US dollar exchange ratem with US dollar falling now rapidly falling below the 32 barrier.
Reminder: As the attackers begun running out of ammunition, February 2009:
Illuminati Overtime: Financial Armageddon attackers running out of ammo, Illuminati MUST now launch either ethnic civil war or nuclear Armageddon:

VLADIMIR PUTIN, wife, daughters killed 2010 and replaced with doubles: Illuminati greatest coup in Armageddon

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