Mar 16, 2013

World War III: ALL 3 stages began in Syria 2011 airforce bombing own civilians, 2012 foreign mercenaries, 2013 chemical attacks

Armageddon, the final batte between Good and Evil
Armageddon began in Serbia March 24 1999, using the NATziO airforce to bomb civilians of an independent nation, after the introductory act in Bosnia a few years earlier. All this packaged as "humanitarian war".

World War III, part of Armageddon, for dummies
A country enters World War III at the moment its illuminati puppet government starts bombing what the UN recognizes as its own civilian population.

The preview of WW3: Misrata and Zintan, Libya:
The Battle of Misrata, Libya, a major illuminati defeat: Libyan freedom fighters defeat Gaddafi's mercenaries.
It could also be considered the begin of World War III: despite NATO's fake no fly zone, butcher Gaddafi continued in fact to air bomb Misrata's population at will (1).
But formally World War III began a few months later, also 2011 but in Syria.

World War III: **ALL** THREE stages began in Syria: 2011 airforce bombing own civilians, 2012 foreign mercenaries, 2013 chemical attacks
Unlike World War I and II, World War III was not part of the original illuminati plan.
World War III is as simple as this: the illuminati bombing 99% of the population.
The illuminati use three weapons, all of them were used first in Syria:
Stage 1. - brainwashed airforce pilots to bomb ALL the population: began late 2011.
Stage 2. - foreign mercenaries: began early 2012, with iranian, lebanese and iraqi mercenaries preventing Assad to fall.
Stage 3. - chemical weapons: began 2013 with small scale attacks.

Update August 2013stage 3 upscaled to massive use, with 1,400 dead in a single chemical bombing.
World War III - UN "peackeepers" exterminating the population - stage began in Congo, 21 August 2013
During the global phase of World War III the uniform of the foreign mercenaries is the same all over the world: blue helmets, alias UN "peacekeepers".
August 21: "Coincidentally" the illuminati passed to the stage of UN "peacekeepers" officially exterminating the population near Goma, Eastern Congo, the very same day they launched the first massive chemical attack against the populaton, in the suburbs of Damascus.

Shortly before the imminent BIG BANG with the illuminati extending World War III to all over Illuminatziland, NOT ONE thread about the unprecedented official use of "peacekeepers" to attack the rebels fighting the butcher installed by the illuminati in Congo.
The milestone for the imminent ultimate phase of World War III, with UN "peacekeepers" slaughtering the population not only in Congo but also in the US / EU / Australia / Canada.

(1) 7 May 2011, as Misrata is already reduced to rubble by Gaddafi's tanks and air bombings, and after NATO declared a non-fly zone over Libya:
Gaddaffi destroys Misrata rebels' fuel supply in air raid.
"These tanks could have kept the city for three months with enough fuel."
Nato was notified by the rebels about the planes before the attack but did not respond, said Hassan.
Libyan rebels say city will be starved of fuel after light aircraft drop bombs on oil tanks

Hail the Iranians 2009, the 2011 Arab Spring of Tunisians, Libyans, Egyptians, Syrians, Yemenis, and the Turks 2013, who reacted before the empty shelves stage, coming NOW to Human Beasts' supermarkets

August 30 2013: Illuminati jokes: After six months of Assad air bombing children with chemical weapons, BBC News becomes the first illuminati channel to report it ...
less than 24 hours before the act of illuminati theater scripted as "UK prime minister Cameron loses vote to degrade capability for Assad to launch chemical attacks".
April 21, 2015 - Chemical warfare: From Ypres April 22, 1915 to Syria 2015: Celebration of what started tomorrow 100 years ago to the day started yesterday

Road to Global Slavery: 1% vs the rest or 99%.
The Syrians didn't fear what is coming now to the US:
March 2012: WHY illuminati MUST confiscate NOW:
It includes update from Sept 2013: chemical weapons LINK between CONFISCATION (weapons before deposits and real estate) and Nobel "Peace" Prize 2013.

Second World War was supposed to be the war to terminate all wars.
Fake war UK & USA v Hitler: Stalingrad 1943 was illuminati's greatest military defeat EVER

Nuclear weapons explosive power is a HOAX. Yet world is nuked ever since March 11. 2011 - End Times Paradox


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