Jun 9, 2013

Syria: Al-Qusair chemical weapons against everyone, ghost city reduced to rubble "liberated" by foreign mercenaries

Al-Qusair June 2013
Despite Assad's 8,000 Hezbollah and 5,000 iranian butchers, not to mention tanks, non-stop air bombings and chemical weapons ... Free Syrian Army's freedom fighters resisted almost 60 days.
FSA retreated to save the survivors of a city of once 30,000.
The IV Reich mercenaries finally entered al-Qusair, propagated by illuminati media as the first city "liberated" by Assad.
Translation: a whole city reduced to rubble, with all its population gassed or forced to flee by the air bombings of what the UN says it's their government.
No protests anywhere in the IV Reich against these unprecedented crimes.

June 6 - Illuminati media (BBC's Lisa Doucet) embedded in the mercenary butcher's army enters the ghost city totally reduced to rubble by the air-bombings.
More than the "victory" of their puppet, illuminati's BBC celebrates the acceptance of chemical weapons to "boost the moral of the of the syrian army".
BBC's Lisa Doucet at Qusair, video. Impossible to conceal the total destruction, despite the non-stop lies coming out from her mouth.
See video at:

Illuminati milestones: Asia: puppet Assad starts using thermobaric bombs.
The whole sky lights up, as if it were day, or brighter than day - a bright white color, then the whiteness recedes to show an explosion with a mushroom-like cloud.
Damascus, May 2013: - at 20 sec mark

Libya: why Misrata 2011 alias Misratograd is a milestone in Armageddo: governments recognized by the UN bombing whole cities.

Syria: Illuminati media shows only fake rebels, fake fights and Assad & his butchers - censors real victims, real rebels, real bombings

Feb 2015: Illuminati milestones: Donetsk, Novorussia: first time thermobaric bomb against europeans

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