May 12, 2016

Syria: Aleppo Khan Tuman liberated and missing Boeing 777 - BIG BANG postponed again

100,000 foreign merecenaries supported by Russia, Iran and US airforce, engaged in a war by terror, and yet not able to defeat syrian rebels. What does it all mean?

World War III:Air bombing civilians: Preview released in Bosnia 1995 and Serbia 1999
24 March 1999: start of the 77 days air campaign against civilian targets, starting with Belgrade's largest maternity and serbian television headquarters, dozens murdered while on air.
Two years later the same gang staged 9/11 with fake airliners. 

Syria: IV Reich air bombing civilians around the clock for years now
Assad's airforce joined by Iran 2013, "US led coalition" in Sep 2014 and Russia Sep 2015.
The fact that the freedom fighters have no anti-aircraft defense whatsoever has made it possible to push the nazi tactic of war by terror against civilians to barrel bombs dropped from low flying helicopters.

Brainwashed iranian and iraqi sh'ia: IV Reich shock troops and beyond
They die to make sure that their countries continue to be plundered by puppet governments transferring national assets to central illuminati safes.
Yet the grotesque of their "martyrdom" pales in comparison with the consequences of their possible victory: nothing less than the BIG BANG, that starts with Osama's resurrection at Jerusalem and Obama's staged arrest on live TV.

Syria: Epic liberation of Khan Tuman and missing Boeing 777: BIG BANG postponed 
May 2016:
As US confirms that it has troops deployed in Syria, supposedly 250: 
Now over 100,000 foreign mercenaries on the ground figjting against the syrian rebels.
IV Reich now has 70,000 Iranian IRGC members fighting for Assad in Syria, in addition 35,000 Iraqis, Hezbollah, Afghans & Russians.

The same gang that on 9/11 planted bombs on the WTC towers to have people jump off from the 90th floor and one hour later vaporized first responders by deonating mini-nukes in basement ...
now has russian jets bombing EVERY hospital in rebel controlled areas (all already previously partly destroyed) at least one time within 10 days.

And yet 100,000 foreign mercenaries and the russian, iranian and US jets were not able to prevent the rebels to liberate the strategic town of Khan Tuman in SW Aleppo. 

Epic battle of Khan Tuman: 
More than 100 brainwashed iranian and iraqi sh'ia died to make sure that their countries continue to be plundered by puppet governments trasnferring national assets to central illuminati safes, starting with oil.

On "other" "news";
May 12, 2016 - Malaysia: 2 more pieces 'almost certainly' from Flight 370

Notes - Disabled links: videos that illumiati force youtube to remove
100,000+ foreign mercenaries in Syria

Imam Ali Brigades Fighters from Iraq stationed at Aleppo Region. Russian T90

Brand New photos of Imam Ali Brigades Fighters Iraq, Iraq who arrived to Syria & Heading to Aleppo

Khan Tuman in southern Aleppo- cemetery for Iran'ian Revolutionary Guards IRGC & their mercenary militias - captured weapons, ammo

How many of these 5 did survive this one shot?
TOW missile hit Vs a group of IRGC militiamen in al-Rashideen

Group of mercenaries, all from Mazandaran, Iran and all killed at Khan Tuman:

May 12, 2016 - Malaysia: 2 more pieces 'almost certainly' from Flight 370

Added: SOuth Aleppo 2016 campaign continues
Jun - Drone footage after the liberation of Kalasha, Zeytan.
youtube n72q9GRHNdM

Aleppo battle, Stalingrad of WW3: why Obama's arrest postponed {and Turkey0s fake coup preponed]: VIDEOS

Why oil price is half of its average production cost in the USA: - for dummies
Two main reasons:
1. From "Putin" to Venezuela, from Saudi Arabia to Iran, from Nigeria to Angola: ALL illuminazi puppets transferring as much oil as they can to illuminati depots.
2. The oil futures currently being traded are not meant to be actually supplied.

Why shiia can be used as IV Reich shock troops: for the same reason that illuminati created Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Scientology

"Osama resurrects in Jerusalem" - why missing Boeing 777 script postponed, modified
Show to end all shows: Introduction: First act was scripted for one year before the last!!
Explanation reads like a chronicle of how illuminati overtime was extended after the original end date, Easter Sunday 2012.
Published days after Easter Sunday 2015
After 1,000 articles in 100 blogs, this was the first and so far only one to include an exclamation mark.
Explanation for Easter Sunday 2016 added together with the second one.

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