Apr 15, 2017

Daraa front, near Jerusalem: Assad & Kim bomb theater v reality

WW3, Daraa front, near Jerusalem: contrast reality with illuminati theater
Reminder from Aug 2016:
ISIS at the border: Israel trumped Turkey
Fake ground war "Turkey v ISIS" starts one day after the Olympics as predicted and above all explained only by one.
This puts an end to an even more grotesque theater: Turkey pretending to air bomb ISIS while ISIS officially controls hundreds of kms along its border.
But when it comes to this type of mockery it's the Israel gov (all traitors and illuminati agents since the 1975 coup) again cast in the leading role, hosting along its border with Syria not only ISIS but also iranians.
Apr 2017: After reading this you'll know much more than this: why only human cattle clicks "US bombs Assad" or "US prepares to bomb North Korea" headlines.

Omar is the name of the hand made SCUD missile by the Southern Front (Free Syrian Army) in Daraa, its most "advanced" weapon.
The rebel arsenal also includes tunnel bombs and hell cannons (firing gas bottles)
This arsenal is one of the reasons why "billion dollar" bombers, the nazis' main weapon in their war BY terror against civilians, was already pushed to:
- bunker busting bombs in Aleppo, Sep 2016
- MOABs in Afghanistan, days before Easter 2017.

South Syria, near the Israel/Jordan/Syria border
As the nazi war by terror in Syria enters its 6th year, with US and russian jets bombing in the same skies for the first time ever since Oct 2015: 
Freedom loving syrians fighting almost all of the IV Reich mercenaries 
- forced to retreat on the front against Jordan's neo-Gestapo, sent (dressed as ISIS) first to deploy along Syria's border with Israel and Jordan at Ash Shajahrah and now also at Tasil; 
- yet advancing against Assad/Hezbollah/Iran, supported by Ru & US ("led coalition") jets dropping incendiary, splitter and chemical bombs on children, women and elderly. 

World War 3: Daraa city front, just before Easter 2017:
Daraa, the capital of the province with the same name in SW Syria: air distance to Israel's border: two dozen miles.
Also 125 km from Jerusalem, the city where the BIG BANG was scripted to start on Easter Sunday 2012: the resurrection of Obama Bin Laden crucified to the Boeing 777 which, at the end of the day, only went "missing" in March 2014.
The illuminati had to postpone the Osama comeback, a remake of 9/11 11 years later, each and every year since 2012, because they were unable to defeat the freedom fighters.

WW3: Daraa front and illuminati theater "US bombs Assad": 
The script that started with Assad gassing scores of children in yet another attack with chemical weapons included as one of its "consequences": unprecendented intensity of russian bombings in the south, at the Daraa front.
This was meant not only to stop the rebel advances but also to demoralize the rebels: to leave no doubts about what Trump calling Assad a butcher really means.
And yet, days later, the rebels were able to seize Daraa's Aqaba Bin Nafi mosque.
A mosque where, for the first time in History (same as since 2012 in Umayyad, the Great Mosque of Damascus), iranian and lebanese shia militias were still smacking themselves while Trump was "bombing" Assad. 

--- Daraa front:
Feb 16, 2017 - Southern Front targeted the Iranian-Hezbollah operation room with a large self-made Omar missile
Qalaat Al Mudiq on Twitter

--- Daraa front, immediately after the theater "US bombs Assad"
1. Rebels continue to advance:
Apr 9, 2017 - Video from inside Al Manshiyah district of Daraa.

Apr 15 - Al-Bonyan al-Marsous Op. room released photos of the inside of Aqaba Bin Nafi Mosque that was seized one day earlier from Assad in al-Manshiya district, Daraa.
البنيان المرصوص on Twitter

2. Terror bombings pushed to the limits
Apr 14 Daraa unprecedented intensity of multiple #RuAF airstrikes as rebels control 85% of Al-Manshiyah district
Qalaat Al Mudiq on Twitter
Apr 15 - #RuAF unleashing very heavy airstrikes after new Rebel advances today in Al-Manshiyah district.
Qalaat Al Mudiq on Twitter

--- For first time in History:
Apr 20, 2012 - shia at Umayyad, known as the Great Mosque of Damascus: 
The IV Reich's brainwashed cannon fodder, shia iranians and lebanese Hezbollah, smack themselves and yell haydaaaar haydar with them

Jul 17, 2016 - What was exposed worldwide only by the same Prophet who predicted it:
What will happen the day after the 2016 summer Olympics ends
The day after the 2014 winter Olympics ended "Putin entered Crimea" - The day after the 2016 summer Olympics ends Erdogan will enter Syria to crush the rebels fighting Assad under the cover of fighting ISIS and YPG,
It's called Illuminati parallel scripts.
Parallel and reversed Illuminati script: : Day after Olympics:: Syria 2016 is CRIMEA 2014 remake: Erdogan plays role of fake Putin

For ISIS in Syria (there's no ISIS in Iraq from Mosul to Fallujah) and Israel's fake jews and traitors, start here:
STOP clicking "USA bombing Assad" theater: reality check; script
Illuminati Theater: USA bombs Assad: reality check; script

After reading this article you'll know how similar are the missions of shia militias in Iraq and Syria and UN peacekeepers in South Sudan and the Central African Republic.
Ukrainian batallions wearing nazi symbols in the manhunt for ethnic russians and dissidents:
Neither the first nor the only neo-Gestapo now carrying out a genocide.
UN peackeepers v shia militias, christian v sunni genocide
IV Reich, led by Adolf Hitler's great nephew: UN peackeepers shia militias: Neo-Gestapo: christian v sunni genocide

World War III: reduced to ONE explosive photo: gas bottles against (supposedly) "billion dollar" bombers

North Korea: Kim is a puppet, same as the rest. To what lengths the mockery goes:
Reminder of what happens the day after Obama Bin Laden resurfaces in video standing by the Malaysian Airlines missing Boeing 777:
the theater act "Obama arrested **LIVE** on TV with senate and congress members as background".
A remake of North Korea great leader Kim Jong Un's uncle arrest:
Parallel and reversed Illuminati script: : Obama will be arrested LIVE on TV with senate and congress members as background:remake of North Korea

Contrast scripts of illuminazi agents: Kim in North Korea v the impersonator of murdered Putin in Russia 
Unlike in the case of "Putin", Kim's script doesn't include this type of photos: see
Jun 25, 2014 - Napoleon and Hitler failed. But this time the basic fact is unprecedented: 
Russia under "point of no return" military attack and not led by patriots but by traitors.
History of End Times: Russia under unprecedented attack: ruled by traitors.

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ضاروي ريطون said...

What is your proof to say that Khalid ibn al walid army are Jordanian mercenaries dressed as Isis ? By the way , yes , it's really weird the fact that isis appeared always where the real rebels are having huge fighting against Assad , and then (isis) have fights against the rebels ( isis appears in daraa, jund al aqsa appears in Hama...) , some months ago four members of khalid ibn al walid army attacked Israel army position in the golan region